Next Board Meeting


All Men's Club members are invited to the Monterey Men's Golf Association Board Meeting on Thursday, July 7, 2022 beginning at 1:30 PM. Meeting for the months of June, July August, September, and October will be on Zoom. 


You may join in on the meeting for June using the link:


Meeting ID: 811 1028 8951 Passcode: 419764


If you have questions that you would like answered please submit them to Jim Brock, our Secretary, so the Board can be prepared. Certainly there will be a Q & A session in the agenda as well. 


2023 Board of Directors


At the close of this season Wayne Tanaka and Ken Resnick rotate off the Board. At season’s end, the membership selected 2 individuals to replace 2 Directors rotating off the Board.  Please welcome your Board of Directors for the 2023 Season


President, Bruce Aboudara

Vice President, Gilbert Matossian

Treasurer, Wayne Tanaka

Secretary, Jim Brock

Director, Dale Fleming

Director, Don Harvall

Director, David Hampton




Current Information


President Cup Tournament


Congratulations to Navaz Murji tournament winner. 


Flight 1                        Flight 2

Wayne Elmore            James Campbell

Gary Bullington          Bruce Aboudara

Claude Brist                Carl Ryan

Al Taylor                    Barry Reed


Flight 3                       Flight 4

James Campbell          James Rodriguez

Bruce Aboudara          Ed Gingras

Carl Ryan                    John Armando

Barry Reed                  Brian Hass



Classic Tournament


Tournament Winner: Kip Keller + John Gonzalez


Flight Winners:

Flight 1:  Kip Keller + John Gonzalez

Flight 2:  Philip Jacobs + Michael Vinceri

Flight 3: J Casey + Nelson Ferrick

Flight 4; Robert Timpany + Dan Pacific


MGA Championship Tournament


MGA Club Champion               Greg Bovaro

Senior Club Champion              Joe Ayala

Net Club Champion                   Bob Randolph

Net Super Champion                 Michael Brubaker

Bobby Jones Flight Champion   George Jenkins


Monterey Cup


1st Place was the Road Runners (West Course)

2nd Place was the Gang (East Course)

3rd Place was the Sharks (South Course)


Finale Tournament Winners:


Flight 1:  Gary Bullington      Flight 4:  Gene Graf

Flight 2:  Dan Walsh             Flight 5:  Silvio Pierotti

Flight 3:  Gilbert Matossian   Flight 6:  Dale Fleming



Tournament Summary for 2022 Season


New/Updated Highlights for the 2023 Season


The Board completed the 2023 MGA Season.

These are some of the new or updated events.


Play Days (Thursday): 9-hole Thursday Play Days will begin in December with 11 Play Days for the season. (We start off with two in December!) These will be team events set up by the Pro Shop and using handicaps for fair competition. 


Ryder Cup (Thursday):  There will be a two separate 3-day events, one each in January and the next in April. Two equal teams will be formed based on handicaps and teams will compete each Thursday in three different formats for 9 holes.Each event will include Awards and Lunch at end of each tournament.


For the above events, contact: Dale Fleming at or (909) 731-6601


Play Day (Saturday): Kicking off the 2023 season, starting in December, we will have nine tournaments.  We have kept the most popular events and added a new Match Play series.   


Forward Challenge Play Day:  Individual & Team, 3 separate events (Dec 17, Apr 8 &15)


Super Saturday: Team (pick your partner), Black & Silver/Gold tees, 4 events (Dec10, Jan 14, Feb 18, Mar 18), Gross & Net awards.


Team Play (Saturday):  Match Play is very popular at MCC.  Two teams of 24 players will face off during 2 consecutiveSaturdays for 18 holes. It is open to players of all abilities. Handicaps of 20 or greater can opt for the forward challenge tees.  Schedule: Series 1 (Jan 28 & Feb 4), Series 2 (Mar 4 & 11).


These Saturday Play Day events are MGA postable tournaments for handicap purposes.


Participants sign up for these events on the MGA Portal. For additional information contact Gilbert Matossian at or Dave Hampton at


Tournament Dates 2023


Labor Day Tourn        Sep 3

Opener                        Dec 2 and 3

Member Guest            Dec 08

Super Saturday           Dec 10

Forward Challenge     Dec 17

Member Guest            Jan 07

Ryder Cup Series 1     Jan 12, 19, 26

Super Saturday           Jan 14

Member-Member        Jan 20 - 22

Match Play 1               Jan 28 & Feb 4

President Cup              Feb 11 & 12

Member-Guest            Feb 16

Super Saturday            Feb 18

Club Champion           Feb 24, 25, 26

Match Play 2               Mar 4 & 11

Member-Guest            Mar 16

Super Saturday           Mar 18

Classic                        Mar 30, 31, & Apr 1

Ryder Cup Series 2     Apr 6, 13, & 20

Forward Challenge     Apr 8

Forward Challenge     Apr 15

Finale                          Apr 28, 29, 30

Memorial Tourn          May 27